Phabulous Photo Phriday!

Due to the huge outpouring of public support for last week’s photo Phriday…

*sound of crickets*
*sound of silence*
*sound of what in the neon light I saw…*

I’m gonna launch another one. Right here. Right now.

*sound of crickets*
*sound of silence*
*sound of the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls*

Well then… Carry on we shall.

That all creatures might fall under the influence of my cuteness, I call forth the awesome power of…
 That’s right, peeps – the most powerful force of cuteness in all the starry universe! The puppy tongue!

 Does a fine job cleaning excess kibble of the ol’ nose too! Um, I mean… FORGET YOU SAW THAT!! Feel the cuteness FLOW…
*waves paw in mystical mind control gesture*
 This IS the cuteness you’re looking for.

The cuteness hath been brung.
And now, a musical moment with The Beka…
“In the village, the peaceful village,
the puppy sleeps tonight…”
“In the village, the quiet village…”
“The puppy sleeps tonight.”

What the HECK is a “wimoweh” anyway? Sheesh – the things daddy makes me do to keep him entertained. A few bowls of kibble a day really don’t make it worth putting up with this stuff. Time to shred more underwear…
Thanks for joining us for Phabulous Photo Phridays! Tune in next week to hear BekaV say…
 “Climb every momma! Ford every chair! 
Follow every tennis ball, ’tillllll youuuuu shred 
daddddddddd’s shoooorrrrttttsssss!!!!”
Thank ya, uh thank ya very mucchhh…


  1. Anonymous says:

    I like puppy dreams the best. Sully rarely barks but in his dreams regularly yips, growls, and sighs. I just wonder what his dreams are … tennis balls, food, swimming, reunions … his favorite things.

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