Phabulous Photo Phriday – Running Of The Groundhogs Edition

A phew photos phor your phabulous phriday… Pretty phancy, eh wot?

(and I thought Pig Latin was obnoxious… Oi.)

“What? Like you’ve never had a bad ear day… Sheesh.”

Let’s see – what else will tickle the fancy of all 2.78 readers, but especially my aunt?…

Rare sighting of the Long-Necked Ibizan Beka in repose. She snores. A bit.

“I’m sorry – I SNORE? This coming from Mr. ‘wounded wildebeest screaming his amorous affection for a lawn decoration.’ And that’s only the sounds from the part on the pillow – don’t even get me started about the output from other regions. *shudder* There’s a reason I sleep with my tail over my nose…”

Um… forget that whole “she snores” thing, ‘k? You didn’t hear that.

“Dang straight, big boy. As for what I said, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Woof. Woof dah.”

Have I ever mentioned fuzzface’s one addiction?…

“Lovely. You just had to bring that up, didn’t you?”

She has a thing for cardboard boxes.

“So? Every girl needs a hobby.”

In our home, the Deep Magic must be appeased – all boxes belong to The Beka.

“Nom nom nom… What? Are you still talking? Oi. Move along to the whole’ ‘tune in next time’ thing already!”

Thanks for joining us for this Phabulous Photo Phriday. Tune in next time to hear BekaV say…

“I am SO not kidding about the whole ‘nocturnal emissions’ thing. He snores like a chainsaw, and as for the other… This position will be your only hope. Practice, my peeps… Duck, cover, and kiss your nose goodbye.”

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