Phabulous Photo Phriday! (on Saturday…)

Sometimes you make it. You do it. You finish, you accomplish, you “git ‘er done!”

And sometimes, not.

So to make up for the fact that this Phabulous Photo Phriday is actually on Saturday, I present a post brought to you by the letter…


As in…


Now that I have your complete attention, I’ll proceed… See, it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of The Pioneer Woman. P-Dub-Wub-Diddy is da bomb. And I don’t care who knows that I feel that way.

In fact, I have a dream of being asked to come down to their ranch to play my little whistles and such for a party or something. Everybody needs a dream, even if it’s just waffles.

Since P-Dub is a fabulous cooking star and blogger, I thought I’d take one more step closer to her awesomeness by doing a food post. Thus bringing her awesomeness into sharp focus when compared to my own. And thus balance is achieved in the world. Amen.

So, on to a Wonderful Wacky Window into Weird… (Crap – just used every W word I know. Oh well – hopefully nobody will notice.)

W is for…

Work it! As in, get that mix in da bowl. And yes, someone my wife knows and loves did make that fabulous pot holder beneath the bowl. Modesty prevents me telling you who that is. Instead, let me go on with…

Water! As in, put de lime in the coconut and… no. Not that.

Way cool! As in, my little Rachael Ray lazy spoon. The better not to drip stuff all over the little pot holder thingie under the bowl. Although I still did that – keep reading…

Well, I told ya! As in, my little Rachael Ray lazy spoon. Being un-lazy prior to being lazy once again.

Way it works! As in, here it is in action.

 Warm! As in, how this butter is supposed to be…

Whoops! As in, I had no idea how grungy my microwave was… pretend you didn’t see this, ok?

Warm! As in, how this butter is supposed to be…

Whew! As in, hopefully nobody noticed. Just keep going, Waffle Boye…

Wet! As in, wet ingredients in da house… bowl… thing.

Whip it! Whip it good! As in, pop music has had WAAAY too big of an influence on me.

Wiring! As in, make sure you’re not trying to use the toaster or the microwave when you turn this puppy on. 100+ year old house – that’s all I’m sayin’.

Awesome! As in, I just want the world to know that I have a Lemonjello’s coffee mug. Bow down to my superior awesomeness, all ye drinking from S*******s cups. HAH!

Why-the-heck-haven’t-I-been-using-this-thing? As in, I’ve had this Pampered Chef oil sprayer pressure pump mist thingie for years, but never used it. Now it’s the tool of fabulous for the waffle process.

We Get It On! As in, time to quit yak yak yakin’ and get to wafflin’.

Willy Wonka As in, when he didn’t say “A little spritzing now and then is relished by the wisest men!” (ok – smile, keep moving and nobody will catch that one…)

Wafflepalooza! As in, here we go. FINALLY!

Wham! As in, down go de lid… (“Shut de lid, cook up de waffle. Shut de lid, cook de waffle in de iron…”)

Wrist action! As in, now we flip de iron over to cook de waffle.

Waiting! As in, um, … never mind. You get this one.

Wretched man! As in, totally forgot to add that little special something that Herself likes in a waffle…

Work it in! As in, as long as she doesn’t get the first waffle, she’ll never know… Until she reads this. D’oh!

Weesa DONE! As in, tender fluffy goodness comin’ out!

What the HECK! As in, what my non-butter-loving honey ALWAYS says when butter is applied in any greater quantity than “barely scraped over the extreme edge of something.” And, for the record, the butter was cold, the waffle was slightly warm, and it hadn’t melted yet. So there. My waffle, my rules. Phbbbt.

Sorry you had to see that. Back to Waffles

Weapons of warfare! As in, what we use to wage waffle war…

We Rollin’! As in, here’s how we be rollin’ wif dem waffles ’round here…

What the heck 2! As in, which is worse – a pool of pure sugar in blessed liquid form (remembering that my post-surgical self doesn’t do well with a lot of sugar)… -or- …

Wondrous to behold! As in, the perfect proportions of butter and a touch of brown sugar to provide just enough goodness to accompany a perfect waffle. I think the evidence is pretty clear. So there. I win. Yay me.

W!@@#$%#$#@@!##$%#@#$!!!!!! As in, the reaction of BekaV upon discovering that waffle love doesn’t trickle down to doggies (at least while momma is right there watching…).

Wiped clean! As in, my plate. For the record, Herself had a pool left over, which required another (small) waffle. Hmm… perhaps she has found a more excellent way. DANG!

Thanks for being along for another Phabulous Photo Phriday (on Saturday)! Tune in next time to hear BekaV say…

“This Phabulous Photo Phriday is brought to you by the letter S, as in SHREDDING daddy’s shorts. No waffle love for doggies – nice…”


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