Over the river and to the lake…

Nice riding adventure last night – we rode out onto the pier at Grand Haven. At times it was more a game of DodgePedestrian (“if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a pedestrian”) than a ride, but we were treated to a golden sunset and a great supper at my all-time favorite mexican restaurant – Pruebelo. It’s amazing – expecially the refried beans, since they don’t use any fat or lard in them at all – just beans. Delicious! So, a great dinner, about 3 miles of riding, and some nice sunset photos to boot – gotta love it! And check out the shirtsleeve tan on the Captain – my lower arms have been getting a lot of sun this year, as is obvious by the lovely fish-belly white of the uppers. Ah well… 😀


  1. Amanda says:

    So…you’ve been training with Patches McHoolihan? 🙂 BTW – in hick-town, we call your kind of tan a farmer’s tan, but I’m guessing you’d rather be known as a biker, right? Now you just need the leather. 😉

  2. Cal says:

    Yup – a farmer’s tan. That’s the ticket. It’s a little too hot for leather… maybe spandex. Yeah – that’s what W. Michigan wants to see… me in spandex on the ol’ ReBike.


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