Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Income…

So, here we are. July. Sheeesh… As for where we are at, my “career” these days goes off in three directions:

1) Jewelry making: We’re looking at a couple of outlets for selling the jewelry on consignment. And, we want to get pictures of some of the pieces on our site VERY soon. People keep telling me that it’s good stuff, so I guess we continue to pursue this.

2) Storytelling & Magic: Two gigs on the books for fall, and a mailing to churches going out hopefully before we leave for Family Camp. Also a re-design on the promo material. By the way – if your Church is looking for someone for a special program for Sunday School, Children’s Church, AWANA, etc., PLEASE direct them to 😀

3) Music: Only one retirement community on the books, for August. That leaves a lot of empty days before and after Family Camp. I wonder sometimes if this whole “creative pursuits as a career” thing is really going to work, but it seems to be what my path is right now. I DO love playing for seniors – they sing along with their favorite tunes, and ask cool questions. 😀

I’m finalizing what songs are going to be on my CD, and really REALLY want to release it in August, but we’ll see. I’m also trying to see where else my style of music might be used, and thus find other potential places to play.

I love this path, except for the income thing. We are pretty tight right now, but keeping our noses above water. And, Vicki is totally with me on what I’m doing right now. If she felt differently, I’d change directions immediately. But, since we both agree, here is where I stay for now. And, I see all of these changes as mercy, not punishment. God knew I needed this, and even though it hurt deeply, He is there, He is not silent, and He continues to provide.

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