Our Drive-In score this far: 1 to 1…

It’s drive-in season once again!! YAAAY! We made it out to the Getty 4 tonight to catch a couple of movies, and as usual had a great time. We love the drive-in, even though we don’t get home until very VERY late. 😀

But, alas – the score for this double-header was split…

Round 1: Wild Hogs
Pretty funny, which is not surprizing considering the cast. The language was a bit excessive, (no dropping the f-bomb, but enough other “stuff” that we got tired of it) but not a bad flick nontheless. The last scene of the movie was a hoot, and the bits over the closing credits was some of the funniest stuff in the movie… Take that to mean whatever you wish.

So far, so good… little did I know what was waiting in…

Round 2: Bridge to Terabithia
OK – so like a fool, I actually believed that the previews of this thing had something to do with what the movie was really about. WRONG!… We go through about half of the movie, getting attached to the two lead characters, and getting introduced to Terabithia. Then, after what some would call a “major plot twist,” but what I would call an “emotional punch to the gut,” we make a hard left turn away from fantasy/adventure movie and head straight to something else. In this case, you can interpret “heartwarming adventure” as “emotional time bomb just waiting to have you flinging fluids all the way home from Muskegon.” By the time the credits rolled, I was thinking “what the HECK did I watch this for?”

(Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with a movie that tugs at your emotions. It’s just that my emotions tend to get a little too intense, and I wind up not sleeping. Those movies are OK for normal folks – but bad for me. 😀 )

We got home around 1:30, and it’ll take me another hour or so to finally settle down enough to go to bed. So, NO, I don’t think I’ll be buying the DVD. Not unless I feel like flooding my contacts right out of my eyes.

So, drive-in season starts with one “not-bad” and one “no way am I watching that again.” Ah well – there’s always next weekend. 😀


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