Oi! I’m way behind!!

OK – here’s the short short version…

Day 9: 9 Nien coupons – trumps all other plans, when she just feels like doing nothing…

Day 10: didn’t really have anything in mind, but I found her a tool kit for the house. That’ll work.
(and lest you roll your eyes at a husband buying tools for his wife, remember this is Vicki we’re talking about. She does all the fixing of stuff around here. You really don’t want to see what I do with tools…)

Day 11: 11 hug coupons.

Day 12: Volumes 1 and 2 of one of our favorite DVDs – Animusic. We LOVE Animusic, and she didn’t even know that Animusic 2 was out yet. Sweet!

And, if you have NO idea what Animusic is, ask. It’s AMAZING…

There. Caught up. I’ll try to stay current… I may not succeed, but I’ll try. After all, if at first you don’t succeed, keep on suckin’ ’til you do suck seed. 😀

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