Hear the Lion ROAR!!!

This is a quick post – just got home from a pre-release screening of The Chronicles Of Narnia, and wanted to say two things…

1) GO! GO SEE IT!! It’s just as amazing as we were all hoping it would be. Vicki and I were thrilled, and yes – I was weeping like a leaky faucet through a lot of it. GO! What are you sitting there reading this for? GO SEE IT!!! 😀


2) Huge thanks to our family at Cornerstone University who gave us this amazing Christmas gift, for you see, the pre-release screening was for staff, faculty, and families from CU. What an amazing treat – thanks to all who made it possible…

Now, get outta here… Go see it. Now. Drop whatever you have to and go see Narnia. Go. Now.


And, yes – Vicki and I will be going again sometime this weekend – probably one of the later showings on Sunday. Maybe we’ll see you there. 🙂

What? Are you still here? Go…


  1. Katie says:

    I can’t wait until I get back home and can watch it! I’m excited, especially after all the good reviews! Good for Disney–a movie that makes a good movie from a great book! ~~KT

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