Of Rothbury and Rock Tumblers

** Babble Alert! Mindless Wandering! Read at your own risk!! **

(with big props going out to Denise 😀 )

Alright – it’s been a bit since I blogged… life has been busy, which is a very good thing…

Today was an AMAZING time at Rothbury Community Church – Vicki and I did a storytelling and magic show for their Promotion Sunday. They are a friendly and fun group, and their potlucks rate at least 10 – maybe 11 – on the potluckometer! YUMMM!!!

And, in jewelry world, we added a new tool to our arsenal… a rock tumbler. But not for rocks… See, I’ve read a number of places online that mention polishing your wire pieces in a tumbler, since it burnishes and hardens the metal. So, I’ve run a couple of batches of wire through the tumbler, and while it works great on the gold wire, it’s not so hot on the silver. I’ve yet to try sterling silver or gold filled wire in it – perhaps those metals will do better than the gold and silver colored copper wires.

Anyway, my world is pretty sweet. Yes, I actually said that, and yes, I really do mean that.

A number of folks recognized my name in connection with WCSG and His Kids Radio, and for the first time I was able to respond with a simple “yes, I was” or “yes, I’m still on weekends on HKR” instead of “well, I was with them, but was laid off in January.” No retelling the sad tale – instead, I recognize that was then, and this is now. I’m a self-employed musician/storyteller/magician who also makes jewelry. No regrets – no doubts – and no pity. Just joy at where I’m at, and actual trust that He who brought us to this place will continue to provide and lead.

Like I said – my world is pretty sweet. God is good ALL the time, and ALL the time, God is good!! It’s taken 7 months to get here, but here I am. 😀


  1. Anonymous says:

    And you get there when I conveniently move out of the state…and you said you were sad to see us go…Only kidding of course, glad things are looking up.

    Slim Jim

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