Back on the ReBike again…

OK – I’ll admit it. I was a slacker for a couple of weeks. I missed our Tuesday night ride last week (I was at a gig – which counts as a legitimate excuse…) and hadn’t ridden much at all. We did get in a couple of miles (Vicki will chime in that she thought it was more like a mile, but I think it’s closer to 2) while we were in Oscoda this past weekend, but that’s about it.

So, my legs basically thought we had given up riding for Lent or Advent or something, and they were quite surprised to discover that not only do I still own a bike, but that I still intend to ride the thing. They were discussing the situation with me, quite loudly as I recall, on the 5.5 miles out to Rockford.

And, I almost gave in. I almost said, “You’re right. There’s no way we can make it all the way there, not to mention the trip home.” It hurt, it was hard, and I didn’t think I could keep pedaling.


I wasn’t alone. Vicki, who could have just taken off and flew up the trail, stayed at my pace. She rode with me. Others from our group paused with me, checking on me, encouraging me. And, Vicki reminded me that it gets easier within the last two miles – it starts going gently downhill into Rockford. And, I made it. 😀

Now, if it’s downhill into Rockford, you would rightly guess that it’s uphill going out. Yup. And once again, I began to wonder and doubt and hurt and do all those things that we do when we get discouraged. For 2 miles. Then, the fun begins – it’s a gradual downhill from there to where we started our ride. And, Vicki and I took off – using that momentum to get into higher gears and cruise. Sustaining around 16 mph for a while – just flying down the trail.

(flying being a relative thing here – we still get dusted by those bone-thin little cyclists on their bikes made out of fishing line that weight what, maybe an ounce?…)

And I got a glimpse of what it would be like if I had less of a load on my bike, and maybe eventually a faster recumbent. I got a glimpse of what the world would look like if I keep after my weight and I keep riding, even if it hurts. (and believe me, this morning it hurts 😀 ) I get to do something that I love with my wife. And, there’s no better feeling than flying down the trail (see previous reference to flying…) and seeing the wonders of the woods all around us.

And so it is with many things in this pursuit of life. If your pursuit is punching the clock, or just trying to get motivated to get to work at home (like mine is). It hurts to get started, but a downhill is coming, and when you get the momentum built up, the day will just fly.

And, it helps to know we aren’t riding alone. So Lord, let’s go. We’ve got quite a ride ahead of us, but it’ll be amazing, because we’re riding together…

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