Life changes…

I’ve been a little busy to post about this, but here we are…

This week, I begin a part-time job!! I’m going to be doing post-production editing for Down Gilead Lane from CBH Ministries – editing voice parts, helping in sound design, etc. on a 6 week trial basis. I did a couple of days of training last week, and I loved it!!! I’ve got tons to learn, but it’s a BLAST! 😀

So, I’m getting back into the groove of regular hours, and I also have to get into the habit of packing lunches. Haven’t had to do that for YEARS, since we had a lunch plan at CU. The idea I’m playing with is the concept of the Japanese Bento Box. (If you’ve never heard of a Bento Box, feel free to Google it 😀 )

A Bento Box, from Wikipedia

The idea is a variety of stuff, presented in such a way that it’s both good to eat and good to look at. I think I’ll start with good to eat, and worry about the presentation later.

The other good thing about working from a bento box perspective is that since I’m intending to make everything cold (as opposed to having to heat it that day), I should be able to make my lunches for the week on Monday, and have them ready to go for each day. We’ll see how that comes off, but I think it should work.

So, this week, I’m going to do some cubed chicken with seasonings one day with a side of cold noodles or some flat bread with dipping oil; maybe a ramen frittata with bacon and peas that tastes amazing cold on another, and add some things like veggies, fruit, a goodie like a brownie or a granola bar for a treat. The idea is variety, and balance in the diet, which can only be accomplished by planning ahead. Something I really need to do, so this should be a good thing once I get the hang of it.

But probably no sushi. You gotta draw the line someplace…


  1. Amanda says:

    Hmmm…have you been looking through my magazine rack lately? I was just reading an article in the Rachael Ray Magazine about Bento Boxes. I think you definitely need to find one with Lightning McQueen or Harry Potter on the front. 🙂

    You may not get the C’stone lunch plan at CBH, but they do have WAY more kitchen space than the radio station ever will!

    Congrats on the new job…I’m excited for you!

  2. Cal says:

    Hmmm… I was just reading MY Rachael Ray magazine, and…

    Great minds, eh? 😀 And yeah – once I find what I’m going to use for a Bento Box, I’ll definitely have to “pimp my ride.” 😀

    And thanks – I’m excited too!! Now when you air DGL, you can think of me! (after episode 4 or 5 that is… I think that’s where I’m starting…)

  3. Amanda says:

    you could always paint flames on it like Alton Brown’s mixer… 🙂

    And for the record…I am way too cheap to actually buy Rachael Ray’s magazine. My sister passes her “previously read” copies on to me. 😉

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