25 years and counting!!!

25th Anniversary = SILVER anniversary
August 7th, 1982 – August 7th, 2007

Does the silver refer to the color our hair is gradually becoming?

Or is it the silver wire that I make jewelry with?

Since Vicki moves like quicksilver, is it talking about her?

We both enjoyed Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – but I don’t think it’s talking about that…

Silver coins (true silver ones, that is) are very valuable, so it might be referring to that…

We got a silver tray for our wedding – I guess we should haul it out, eh?

Since silver is a “precious” metal, I guess this is our precious anniversary
(“Yesssss it is, my precious…)

The Bible says that God is more precious than silver, so that gives me a good idea of its value.

We’re not doing anything special today, since we don’t have a lot of silver these days… or green for that matter. 😀

So, on this silver day, I give thanks to our precious Lord, that 25 years ago, He brought us together. And that after 25 years, we’re just getting started learning how “two become one.”

I love you, Vicki Sue. Happy Silver anniversary.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary (…not adversary…as spellcheck recommended. not sure if that was my incompetents as a spellr or what…)!

    jk, Hope it was a great one!


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