It’s hard to go backwards…

Anybody who’s done any sort of regular excercise already knows this… why they didn’t warn me is another question…

I hadn’t been on my bike for 4 or 5 weeks… Family camp, the Shack, and the whole waiting-for-the-trike-to-get-here-so-we-can-ride-together debacle gave me plenty of reasons not to get out and ride…

But I had no idea how much it would cost me when I started riding again. Like worse than going back to nothing. Not fun at all.

Like I said, lots of you already knew this. I wish I had. 🙂

And, adding to the problem, it was a no-bike-from-Saturday-to-Tuesday kind of weekend. So, hopefully I’ll get a ride in tonight, and start up that very steep climb once again. Back toward when doing 7 or 8 miles in a day was feeling pretty good.

On a happy note, tho… Had my physical last week, and talked about riding with Dr. Jill. She said that while riding isn’t the greatest for my knees, the recumbent helps a lot, and she doesn’t want to limit my exercise, so I’m riding with her blessings! 🙂

To the park. Tonight. Even if it’s late. And tomorrow morning. 🙂

I don’t wanna have to get started all over again.

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