I LOVE playing music for older folks!

Here’s a couple of choice comments from the folks at Covenant Village, when I played there Wednesday at their “Welcome to Summer” party…

(to her friends at the table, noting the different instruments I use) “He’s used three different things, and I haven’t recognized any one of ’em yet!”

(when looking at my wind controller) “What d’ya call that thing?”

(when looking at the whistles) “What d’ya call those pipe things?”

They’re so cute! It’s a joy to play music for them, because their reactions are so wonderful! They really appreciate the songs, and especially appreciate that my system makes it possible for them to listen to the music, and still have a conversation at the same time. I came away from this encouraged that Vicki was right – this is definitely the path I need to be on right now. 😀

OK – one more senior comment, this time heard in Riverside Park. I haven’t talked about Vicki’s new bike yet – that’ll come soon. But it’s a recumbent, similar to mine (but MUCH nicer! :-D), and she is usually out ahead of me, since she flies on that puppy. Well, a couple of older ladies were sitting on a bench, and as I followed along, some distance behind my honey, one said to the other, “He must go with that other one.”

Have a weekend, li’l tater tots!

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