Babble On…

So, a friend said they were reading my blog, and noticed how I babble about stuff, and thus am just kind of thinking out loud. So, that must be how I process things – by writing them out.


Hmmm… While I understand what they meant, I have to admit that the word babble brought to mind the blog equivalent of posts like “yabba-dada-goo-goo-squeak-giggle-drool…” Not exactly flattering.

But, in essence, isn’t a blog digital babble? I know certain folks who impart Deep Thoughts or Important Information or Things That Thou Must Read that smack of holy writ, but for us normal human beans, our blogs are a place to tell our friends (and other semi-interested or not-so-interested people who wander by) where we is at. So, if we were communicating face to face instead of “you read my blog, I read yours,” does that limit the babble factor? Or, do we tend to babble even when we see each other? I’ve had some conversations that have gotten deep and profound, but the majority of them are a path to re-connection. Just to catch up with each other.

And, let me tell you, for conversational re-connection, babble is the super glue that holds it all together. 😀

So, I could tell you about playing bass at the Evangelical Covenant Annual Meeting for the past two nights here in Grand Rapids – a huge event that I was honored to be a part of. Or, about Vicki’s new bike, and how she flies past me on the bike path. But, I think I’ve “babbled” enough for one day.

And to the unnamed person who made the babbling comment – no, I didn’t take offense. I actually found it funny. 😀


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