Ft. Wayne – My kinda town…

Just got back from a couple of days in Ft. Wayne with our friends Suzie and David, and what a fun time it was! I played at a coffee house called Firefly, and it was sweet indeed. Lovely place to play, lovely friends to spend time with, and lovely driving down and up again.

And, Ezri had her first visit to the PetsHotel (in Petsmart on 28th street), and she also had a nice time. (and did very well, according to the folks there)

So, a groovy getaway for us all. Thanks Suzie and that crazy man you adore. We love you two!


  1. Cal says:

    In response…

    Thanks, Dan. Yes, it was a groovy trip!

    No, that’s not David’s real hair. (he’s actually a head shaving kind of dude) He had us smuggle Suzie’s wig to the gig, and he surprised her by wearing it.

    Amelia – shoot me your email (cal “at” captaincal.info) and I’ll pass it along to Suzie. Of course, that could be a moot point by now – Suzie reads my blog, so she might have already responded to you. 😀

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