AARP??? You have GOT to be kidding!!?!?!?!?!

So, the Vickster is reading something or other online yesterday, and come across something about memberships that pay you back well for what you spend for them. And she shares the following tidbit…

“They say an AARP membership is really worth it. And hey – they let you get one when you turn 50. So you could get yours next year.” She then kept chattering about how you can get a card for your spouse, so she could have one too, but I’ll admit she lost me there.

I qualify for AARP membership NEXT YEAR. May 21st, 2009.


If anyone wants me, I’ll be in my room, packing some dreams that I won’t be needing anymore. ‘Cause obviously touring with Cirque, clowning with Ringling, or hitting the road with a jazz trio won’t be happening anytime soon. Cancel the order for the tour bus, put the craft booth on hold, and I won’t be needing that rear-projection system for telling stories in front of a screen with projected “scenery” on it.

I know – 50 is the new 30, or 40 or something. 😀 But my dad died in his 50’s. My mom only made it to 69. My great-grandmother was in her 70’s, and my grandmother was in her 80’s. So it would seem that the days ahead do really number less than the days that have come before.

And yet my mind keeps going. So many ideas for performances, for songs for CDs, for other creative outlets. A mind that’s full-steam ahead with a body that’s way past warranty.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some contemplating to do. 😀


  1. Amanda says:

    Heck no…don’t pack those things up! Steve’s grandpa just passed away at the age of 90, and he did some amazing things during his last ten years of life.

    Besides, I’ve never known you to be the type of guy who acts “grown up”. 🙂

  2. Cal says:

    Thanks, dearheart. And I gotta agree with you. My odometer may be turning over to 50, but the one in my head is stuck on 13. 😀

    Glad you’re back. We’re praying for Steve and all the fam.

  3. ThePipeMan says:

    Gota agre with Amanda there. You should read my blog on what I think about life and how much control we have. God could decide tomorrow is my last day on earth, or I could live to be 150. Who knows! In the mean time, I’m always trying new things. I just picked up Whittling, and I have to say I’m not too bad at it! Don’t give anything up, just prioritize it!

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