Friday at Frenz!!!

As you can see by the list of upcoming shows to the right, this Friday I’ll be playing at Frenz Coffeehouse in Grand Rapids. I’m looking forward to it – it’ll be my first time there, and I’ve heard a LOT of good things about this venue.

So, if you’re able, come and join us! I’ll be playing at 7pm, for a couple of sets, doing some tunes from my CD, as well as other relaxing music. And, I guarantee that if you bring a friend, you’ll be able to enjoy the music AND have a conversation at the same time! 😀 We’ll have CDs available, as well as handmade jewelry. (and yes, this time we WILL have the jewelry… someone came to my appearance at Beanabox especially to see the jewelry, and we didn’t have it! SORRY! :-/ Jewelry will be in da house on Friday!)

If you can make it, the support would be appreciated. Sometimes, management will use attendance as a factor in inviting someone back, so if people show up, that really helps! 😀

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