Dear Anonymous,

Today, an envelope arrived without a return address. Inside were two gift certificates to one of our all-time favorite restaurants, as well as a note. One line from the note said, “you give and give and give… and are very bad at receiving. That’s why I’m sending this anonymously.”

Oh, and Anonymous did indeed leave enough clues so as to leave no doubt who they are. As I’m sure they intended to. The Anonymouses are very good at putting the exact words together for their specific message. I love that about them.

Dear Anonymous,

First of all, thanks for the gift. 😀 As you well know, that’s one of our absolute favorite restaurants, and we will think fondly of you as we chow down. 😀

Secondly, as you would expect me to do, I would say again that the gift was not necessary. You ‘mouses have a special place in our hearts, and it’s a joy to be a part of your lives.

Thirdly, you’re right. (as usual) We are both terrible at receiving. Vicki and I always prefer to give and to do, rather than to receive and have done for us. Vicki’s heart is that of a servant, and as for me, well…

So much in day-to-day life has to be done for me – everything from assistance with my shoes to getting things out to the car and so on. So receiving is a hard thing – I feel like others already give so much, just to accommodate me. And to do for others somehow helps me reduce the guilt that I feel at being so “needy” in my daily existence.

Thank you for reminding me that just as much as I enjoy showing love to others, they enjoy showing love to me. That’s a tough concept for me to wrap my poor-self-image-brain around, that others would and do actually love me. But there it is.

So, all I can say is a heartfelt “thanks.” Your gift, and all it represents, means a lot to us. We love you both, as well as all the little Anonymouses, and thank the Lord for your friendship and love.

Love from your friends,

Cal & Vicki

And, just for the record, there is someone who often posts comments and goes by Anonymous on this blog, but this ain’t them. Slim Jim and Little Sam are a couple of dear friends who we love very much, but the anonymouses mentioned in this note are more anonymous than those anonymous personages. Is that clear?


  1. Anonymous says:

    I had an accomplice — someone who told me where you loved to “cow down.” 🙂 They will also remain anonymous.

    You are loved, Cal. Thanks for giving — and receiving.

    And this time I will publish anonymously on your blog!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea they had! I had not even thought of that…

    Slim Jim (…and Small Sam…and Rambunctious Ethan)

  3. jenelle says:

    Enjoy the chow and the love. Both a wonderful treat. Remember when you receive, you are allowing others to love. To deprive people of the ability to give help, items, gifts, you rob them of the joy of giving/helping… Hard lessons, my sickness is helping me deal with the same receiving problem.

  4. Cal says:

    Thanks for the comments, all. 😀

    Yup – learning to receive as well as to give is a toughie, but an important lesson. This weekend, we’ll be giving some jewelry to my nieces, and receiving a lot of hugs. Good time to practice. 😀

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