A Lament For Summer

It’s getting dark earlier. And I find that, honestly, sucktastic.

It’s an ominous sign, telling me that all too soon, I’ll be spending my entire work “day” in darkness. 

We folks that work 3rd shift are a strange lot – some of us handle the watches of the night quite well, and find that it suits us. Some are able to handle the hours for a time, a shift, a season, but not long-term.

And some of us never quite find the rhythm to make it work smoothly, without having many other things take one for the team.

Rah rah.

As for Calbert, I ain’t got that 3rd shift mojo workin’ for me. I love my job, I love working at the airport, and I keep trying different combinations to see if I can unlock this level.

So far, Mario is getting kicked in the head and hearing the weepy sad little music as he goes bye-bye.

So you might consider this a lament for summer…

I’ve lost summer. In fact, I’m hardly aware that it’s been here and now is almost gone.

When you live your life on 3rd shift, the seasons don’t seem to change. You miss all the amazing stuff of summer, or spring or fall for that matter. Only the dark season of winter levels the playing field, bringing the rest of the world into your lightless existence.

I’ve missed the early mornings on my trike, when the sun is freshly up, the air is still cool, and the world seems bright.

I’ve missed later mornings, sitting in a coffee shop writing, watching the world move around in the stunning beauty of a Michigan summer day. And know this – there aren’t many things more stunning than a summer day in Michigan. Say what you will about the Land of the Hand – we know how to wring every drop of awesome out of every season.

I’ve missed evening activities with my beloved – rides in the park, games on the lawn, adventures into the late evening when the sun is setting well past nine. We haven’t even been to the drive-in this year. (And that’s sucktastic on a whole other level.)

I’ve even missed the hot, hot afternoons. (Not that we’ve had many of them this year – a few, but not many.) When you step outside and the air is chewy, but shade – any shade – is so delightful. When jumping into very cold water is the most wonderful thing ever invented. And where you learn to appreciate air conditioning on a whole new level.

Fall will come, with it’s magnificence. Winter will arrive, with it’s silent majesty.

But I’ve missed summer, and it’s almost gone. 

Am I thankful for my job? Of course. Grateful for my life, my beloved, our sweet Beka, our church family, and all that I hold dear? Certainly.

But summer has past, while I’ve been up all night and sleeping during the day.

And I am truly, deeply sad. 

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