While we wait…

Oi… First the holidays, then two snow days in a row, leave Calbert a little “off.”

(Yes, I know “off” really should be somewhere on my coat of arms, or at least in a description of where I reside most of the time… But I mean “off-er” than my usual state of off – more than the normal “slightly off yet whimsical” state I normally exist in.)

So while I try and get this big ol’ wheel to keep on TOININ’… (And if you don’t pronounce it like that, you’ve never really listened to “Proud Mary” by CCR, and you are officially dead to me.)

(Although if you get the phrase “We never do anything nice… and easy. We do it nice… and ROUGH!” then you are restored to fellowship with the Calbert. Congrats!)

(Ike & Tina Turner – “Proud Mary.” Go look it up… Make sure you hear the whole intro, where she talks. Whomp – there it is.)

(Did I ever tell you that I once auditioned to play bass for a trio that played at wedding receptions, and the audition consisted of one, and only one, song?) 

(Yes, I got in because I could play “Proud Mary.” High standards indeed.)

(Not that “Proud Mary” is a particularly easy chart – especially when you’re doing it in the Ike & Tina Turner vibe, and not the CCR vibe… but the whole audition was one chart. One. Evidently the summit and range of your proficiency on ANY instrument can be measured in the playing of “Proud Mary.”)

(I wish more college jury panels knew this… You could just play “Proud Mary” for every one of your juries, and you’d get your performance degree with a lot less strain… and practice… and having to learn solo literature for the tuba that you truly despise…)

See what I mean? “Off…”

So, while I try and get this big ol’ wheel to keep on TOININ’, I’ll share an amusing picture of Beka…

You’re welcome. See you next week.
(Wanders off, humming wicked horn licks from “Proud Mary”)

(The Ike & Tina Turner version) 

(Because the CCR version don’t NEED no stinkin’ horn licks…)
(But they’re still cool, and I’m still humming them…)


  1. Cal says:

    Too true, brother- too true! The upside was, if you were a fat kid in high school who could play ANYTHING by Barry Manilow, you instantly had a crowd of hotties around the piano. 😀

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