When the story “gets” you…

Well, one more day for my first “official” week of part-time work at CBH Ministries. (week 1 of 6) How’s it going? IT ROCKS! I absolutely love the things I’m getting to do.

I’ve been editing the voice parts for some of the shows for season 9 of Down Gilead Lane, and since editing is one of my all-time favorite things to do on the planet, the days are flying by!

Today, I was working on a show where a Bible story is part of the story line. And I’ll admit, as I heard the actors communicating the story of Hannah and the birth of Samuel, I teared up a bit. And I felt a whole lot of gratitude to the Lord, for allowing me to have a small part in communicating that story in such a great way. God has brought me along such a winding path, and along the way He’s given me some incredible opportunities. And I am SO thankful. 😀

I’ve also realized that I want a scooter. I saw Uncle Charlie’s motorcycle sitting in the parking lot today, and I thought what fun it would be to park my scooter next to it. (especially when it gets 70 miles per gallon…) Not to mention the leather jacket with the name “Captain Cal” across the back.

But, alas… like many dreams, this one probably will never be. Besides, I can’t imagine Vicki as a biker babe. Or a scooter babe, for that matter…

Season 9, show #7. Be looking forward to it, ’cause it’s a GOOD one. 😀


  1. Katie says:

    So I was listening to WCSG online tonight (midnight Michigan time, 9 Cali time) and heard a familiar voice at the top of the hour. You sounded great, Cal! Good to hear you back on air again! Have fun w/ DGL too! I still remember those great recording sessions–it was fun to see the behind-the-scenes stuff–I’m glad you get to keep doing stuff w/ them. 😉

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