What Lies Beneath

So, I sent my resume off…

To St. Louis.

Missouri, not Michigan.


I know – I don’t understand either. And I’m the one that dun did the deed, so I’m really in it deep now.

In all fairness, the job description is such a fit for me that you could put my picture next to it and it’d be a match.

On the other hand, that’d drastically reduce the amount of interest in the position, so no, probably shouldn’t do that.

But it has made me wonder why I would find a job so far away so appealing. Especially since if by some random alignment of something or other, I was offered the job, and then accepted it, in all likelyhood, I’d be going solo down there, leaving my Beloved and BekaJo here in GR. So yeah, you’d think, that’s a deal breaker right there.

Not to mention the expense of a 2nd household. Granted, we’d be going to two incomes, but we’d be running two homes. Well, one home and one little tiny apartment as cheap as I can possibly find one. Enough room for a bed, hopefully a table, and a buttload of whistles.

But not the tuba. At least, not at first.

So yeah – should be a deal breaker. No questions.

And yet, it’s not. At least, not in my twisted little brain.

After some pondering, I think I’ve finally hit on why I’d even consider such a move. Besides the obvious, that is – that I’d enjoy working for the company, be working with a product I couldn’t be more excited about, and some full-time moola would help the whole “dig ourselves out of a deep financial hole” thing.

(Not to mention, hopefully, a staff discount on instrument purchases… *swoon*)

Besides that.

I think the appeal is, I’d escape the chaos. I’d have a clean slate, someplace different, leaving behind the clutter and the reminders of my sometimes-dark existence both before my new life, and at times in these first 4 years. I’d move to a different space, not surrounded by all the clutter that has choked my world, not reminded of jobs lost, sorrows felt, and hard changes endured.

Blank slate.

Now, that could be a good thing. It could be a “reset,” a chance to get rid of some of the bad habits that have crept into my new life, and to rebuild the movement I need for going on. And sweeping away every distraction could create an environment where the writing would flourish. (At least, as much as it can flourish whilst holding down a full-time gig.)


It could be a bad thing. It could create an environment where I grow away from my beloved, creating a different life that doesn’t include her.

Overreacting? Probably. I’ve never been in a situation where my daily path might lie nowhere near hers. I know people do it all the time, and they do as well as is possible in that situation…

But I also know me.

And sometimes I don’t trust me.

It all might be academic – I have no idea if the folks in St. Louis would even be interested in interviewing me, I have no idea what the result would be, and I don’t know what direction we’d go if an offer was made.

But it’s been helpful to think through it, and identify what might be holding me back right here, right now. To see where my weak spots are in this life, here in GR, and to see the need for a reset.

And to see right up front the possibility that if I’m not careful, not mindful, I could be ditching my best friend.

And Beka.

Like I said, I know people do this thing all the time. And somehow life continues. It takes strength, determination, and awareness, but it can be done.

Skype, IM, FB, and all the other wonders of this present age – they can help to shrink the miles and keep the connections strong. My beloved has vacation time, and this position also includes vacation, so there are those times.

Not impossible, just unknown territory. The unknown has been known to give me the heebee jeebees.

hee hee hee

So this position would be interesting, a huge learning curve, something that I would love, and something that I would be a little nervous about. All jumbled together in one big ol’ bag of fluffy.

As long as it’s not an “escape,” an attempt to get away from (what I might see as) my cluttered, depressing, pointless, and stalled life, then that’s ok.


If it IS an escape, something to “change my life” that would ultimately damage my marriage and shatter everything that the Lord has built in me so far, then no. If a reset is needed, it’ll have to be done right here, right now, one pile of clutter at a time, one day of striving to sort out how I become unstuck at a time, and one step of learning self-discipline at a time.

Hard, slow, seemingly futile work. But things that I’ve been sadly lacking most of my life.

As I said, this all might be academic. And actually, it already is. If the Lord wants it to happen, it will. And if He doesn’t, it won’t. We’re listening, thinking, and praying, and rest in the fact that He loves His kids.

So how do you feel about major life shifts? Is it an adventure or something that is ridiculous to endure?

It’s supposed to be an adventure. And like all adventures, it has twists and turns that nobody sees coming…

Except for the Storyteller – He knows exactly how it’ll come out. And I trust Him, since I have no clue.

Hey – maybe I can add that to my coat of arms… “Cal The Clueless,” written in latin and Old English font. Stylish, yet brutally honest.

Something to think about. I’ve got a lot of those lately…



  1. FrannieBeau says:

    Cal, as you know, we’ve had multiple career changes in several different states. It’s been an adventure. It has stretched us and it has made us new people. We have loved the adventure, but we always had to be 100% sure God was directing us. You need to talk to your old roomie!

  2. Cal Olson says:

    Absolutely… I’m listening to a lot of good counsel as I think it through. And I still think it’s not going to happen, but it’s good to think about it if it did… Thanks, dearheart!

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