What a little hope will do…

Just got back from doing voice work at WCSG. It feels amazing to be there again, even just for a couple of hours a week, although leaving the house tonight to “go to work” was a strange feeling. It’s also alright to stop by the HKR studio – those wounds have finally healed, and life is moving on.

Really moving on. 😀 Through some arrangements that I won’t reveal here, something amazing is happening… I have a new bike on order. 😀 It’ll be customized for my weight and my size, taking into account my long torso and short legs, with a big ol’ comfy recumbent seat, some VERY nice handlebars that’ll put my hands at a better angle with no stress on my wrists, and a fairing to help me move through the wind better. Oh – and 26″ wheels front and back for less rolling resistance. Altogether, it’ll be a much better bike, designed from the ground up for me. God is so gracious, as are the people who made it possible. I realize it’s an investment in keeping me around longer, and I’ll do my part to make it that way.

Saw the orthopedic surgeon Thursday, to talk about knee replacement. It’s inevitable, but he’d really like my weight down first, for many good reasons. He’ll consider doing the replacement, especially if the road toward bariatric surgery looks to be a long one (like two years for example), but he’d like to see the timetable before making that decision.

In the meantime, he wants me to try a knee brace, to see if that’ll give me less pain and more mobility right now. So, next week or so, I’m off to Mary Free Bed to have them do a casting and measurements for a knee brace. Then I return the next week for the fitting. We’ll see how the right knee goes, and if it goes well, we’ll consider one for my left knee also. If it’ll give me some help so I can get out and move, I’m all for it. I can’t ride very much at all right now, so some help in hitting the bike trail would be excellent. (I know the First Cov Bikers would love to have me back in the pack on the Rockford run!)

A little hope… a small change here and there, and who knows what can happen. God shows Himself in the small graces…

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