Tuesday night cruise

Members of our small group have been wanting to get together and ride on Tuesday nights. Well, the first one happened last night. Since it was a little late, with VBS the next morning for the kids, we decided on a “shorter” route, instead of going all the way to Rockford. The shorter ride, to Comstock Park, was 8 miles instead of 11. Funny – it still felt like 11. 😀

The high point of the ride? You know that bridge that crosses West River Drive that says White Pine Trail on it? I crossed it. 😀 On the way to CP, I actually rode up the hill to the bridge, over, and flew down the other side. (I have a theory that the only thing that keeps a bike rider going is the thrill of going down the other side of the hill…)

The low point? Something went boinky with my front wheel on the way back, so the wheel was wobbly and didn’t want to turn. So I couldn’t ride up the bridge – had to walk it up. 🙁 Vicki (and Greg and Jon) think it’s the bearings in the hub. So, I get to earn more frequent flyer miles on another trip to Freewheeler. Ah well…

Great ride – some tough stuff, a few mishaps with the kiddos, but a great ride. And, I now know good places for ice cream in both CP and Rockford! 😀

Finally, I actually saw some improvement in my riding. My legs were a bit better last night. I took the day off on Monday, and they seemed stronger last night. I’d like to get a short ride in today, but we’ll see when Freewheeler can get my wheel fixed. But it’s nice to see that my legs are starting to adapt to riding again. Good times, as Hannah would say…

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