Tonight in Hudsonville CANCELED!

I HATE to cancel a show! It always leaves me uncertain – did I do the right thing? Should I have just pushed through the snow and went for it? Would anyone have showed up if I had made it through the snow? Is someone going to show up who didn’t get the word that I canceled it? ARRRRGH!

Forecast: 2-4″ today, 3-5″ tonight. No break in there for anything to get cleaned up.

So, I pulled the plug. My wife will be a little frustrated – being the U.P. girl that she is, she’d say “this is NOTHING! What did you do that for?” But I went out in it, saw how things are, checked the forecast, and made the decision.

So, no show tonight. Sorry if you were planning on joining us – I’m a wimp. :-/

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