The Backyard Haven

We did something new this year, and it’s been the best thing we’ve done all year…

I’ve discovered that I need to be outside more. Getting out of the dark house into the light improves my mental health a lot. So, we’ve made a little oasis on our back patio.

First, ‘Mater. As in Tuh-Mater. 😀 We’re doing some container gardening this year – tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, and flowers. And yes – one of the tomato plants is named Mater and the other is Tuh. Fans of “Cars” will appreciate that.

Then came the canopy. We found one on sale, and were originally intending to use it for craft shows. Suffice it to say that we got a second one for the business – this one is staying right where it is.

Next, we discovered that this particular canopy comes with accessories! (Mystery quote: “You got the one with parameters? You must have waited 63 weeks for that!” … Anybody [except for Amanda and Dodd] recognize that one??) So, our canopy now has screen walls. There are even tent walls and floor that we can get for this canopy. Maybe later… 😀

Now for the rope lights. 😀 They go in tonight.

I’m going to try going out there next week with my laptop and mini MIDI controller, and see how much of the new album is written on the back patio.

So, if you want to find us, don’t bother knocking on the front door. Just come up the driveway, and you’ll probably find us in back. Pull up a chair, we’ll grab you a beverage, and sit a spell. S’mores will be served later.

(Think I’m kidding? If you know where we live, and you see both cars in the driveway, c’mon back. 😀 )

10:15pm – UPDATE… The first night with the lights was wonderful! We spent a glorious Sunday out on the patio, and ended tonight with lovely lights. Good for the psyche indeed! 😀 Have a great holiday – I know we will!


  1. jenelle says:

    Enjoy your own little spot in nature with a few comfort ammenities. I love the tomato names. Never thought of naming mine. Maybe I’ll name them “salsa, spaghetti sauce, bruschetta, etc.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve spent too much time trying to figure out your new movie quote, but to no avail…It does sound like it is from the Airplane/Top Secret vein of movies.


    eventually, I will get one…

  3. Cal says:

    Nope – it’s from Jungle Jam, actually. The one where Jean Claude gets a pogo stick – The BTF Limited. 😀

    Hey – you got the last one too easily – I had to go obscure.

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