The Anla’shok

I haven’t said a lot about it, but I thought I might fill in some details on that which has been ordered, and which I’m waiting anxiously for… The Anla’shok.

“The WHAT?”

Lemme ‘splain. No. ‘s too long. Lemme sum up… (and yes, that is a VERY familiar quote)

This is the model upon which my new bike is being based. The differences being that my bike will also have a fairing…

And, my bike will be extremely customized for my weight and my size. My seat will sit down in front of the rear wheel, to lower my center of gravity, and will accommodate my short legs. It has 26″ wheels front and back, which will give it greater rolling efficiency, and should be a bit lighter than my present ride, the mighty ReBike.

The color? Well, it might be purple. Or, it’ll be blue. Depends on what paint they have when it’s finished. If you’d like to see more about it, and the AMAZING company that’s making it, check out Lightfoot Cycles

Oh… the name? Well, this Lightfoot model is called the Ranger. And, being a die-hard Babylon 5 fan, I’m calling mine The Anla’shok – known in the B5 universe as The Rangers. Cute, huh? 😀

(Someday, when we can afford it, Vicki will probably also get a Lightfoot cycle. Hers will be called Entil’Zha, also from B5. Entil’Zha (although there isn’t an exact translation for this one) is the leader of the Rangers, also known as The One. And, Rangers are known as those who follow The One. (yes, when we ride, Vicki is usually in the lead…) Also appropriate when one knows the Ranger oath – “We live for The One, we die for The One.”)

So, when The Anla’shok arrives from its present location in Montana, there will be a joyous shout. 😀

Yes, Denise – I know… Lots o’ Babble today. Babble, Bikes, and Babylon 5 – nice, eh?

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  1. Denise says:

    I can’t believe you actually predicted it! I was reading through this day’s blog … and then started skimming.

    UNTIL! I saw the big red text that had my name on it. Ah, yeah. You caught me!

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