“That was totally WICKED!!!!”

Gold star time again – can you identify the quote in the subject line? Answers at next posting…

The ReBike rides again! We got it back from the shop today, where they had done a great tune-up to the ol’ beauty. This is my original recumbent, and will become Vicki’s bike when my new trike is finished. So, to take it for a test drive, I rode it back from lunch.

Now, I’ve not been on a bike in at least three years. And, since then, my knees have gone from bad to tofu. So, I had no idea if I’d even be able to ride. And, wasn’t sure if I could handle the disappointment if I couldn’t. Cycling has always been one of my favorite things – there is no feeling like zipping along on a bike. Granted, I can’t go all that fast, but even at my pace, it’s like nothing else I ever do. Using my chair gives me a little taste of that freedom, but it’s just not the same as being on a bike.

Wow. No issues with my knees, since the recumbent design makes all the strain of cycling a moot point. Just fast, and fun. My ReBike isn’t a particularly speedy bike – it’s pretty heavy, and has the turning radius of an aircraft carrier, but it still cruises right along on the sidewalks on campus.

Can’t wait to see what it does on the bike path at the park. So, to summarize:

“That was totally WICKED!!!” 🙂

Watch your back, as you walk on the CU campus – a fast-moving high-mass object might be coming up on your ‘6’… 🙂

Yee Haw. Now, let’s have the rain let up, so I can hit the park tonight! 😀 The ReBike Rides Again!!!!!!


  1. Kathy Cudney says:

    That is awesome. Always thought I might like a bike like that. Had a motorcycle once. Felt like the little ole guy on laugh-in when I fell over.

  2. The quote is from my neighbor kid. We had to wipe his memory, we can’t have people knowing the kinds of power my family has…

    Do you have a web site for the ReBike? I looked around, but didn’t find anything.

  3. ooie32 says:

    quote from scene in incredibles where the kid watches the family save the world from the evil bad guy…

    the plane blows up, the wreckage falls, and the violet protects while mom gently floats to earth with jack-jack.

    i have seen the movie too many times.

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