Sunday Morning

I’ve discovered one of my favorite things about Sunday Morning – the view of the city… Odd?… Well, hear me out.

Sunday morning, we get up pretty early (6:30 today, since I had a little trouble sleeping), to be to church by 8am to practice with the worship band, and our service starts at 9am. So we rise, do the typical morning thing, head off, and take College to the expressway downtown. This takes us down the hill to the river and the 196/131 Junction. (When you hear Kevin or JohnnyB talking about downtown at The Junction, that’s the place…) And there is my favorite view of the city, at my favorite time to view it. It’s quiet, not much traffic, and when the sun is out, it’s shining from behind us down over the buildings, the churches, the houses, and washing everything in a beautiful golden light.

And I associate that view with what follows – going to church, lifting up praises, fellowshiping with brothers and sisters, being taught from the Word. And I anticipate that day where, to quote a great song, “We shall stand in the Golden City, in the new Jerusalem…”

Have a blessed sabbath!

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  1. Couchy says:

    I am COMPLETELY with you. I love seeing downtown from various angles. My favorite is coming in from the west on 196 on a night where many of the buildings still have lights on. It is a tremendous view, but hard to take in if you’re in the drivers seat since 196 is so twisty there. I rather like the approach from the south on 131 too.

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