So, where is we at?

Every once in a while, I like to recap what’s going on. Boring reading, I know, but since a number of family, friends, etc. read this gathered collection of randomness, they appreciate knowing how things are at Das Olsonhaus…

Sleeping… Using the Ambien for now, and hoping 1) I don’t get addicted to it, and 2) that we can figure out what is causing the insomnia…

(Vicki’s parents will appreciate that, since we’ll be up there this weekend, and they’d rather not have me wandering around the house all night… 😀 )

Eating – too much. I’ve gained back about 14 lbs. Vicki and I are tightening our control, so that we can both get back on track.

Working – Toonz is back in production at HKR, so that makes Cal a busy boy. Other things are in the works at the station, so it’s an interesting time. Vicki continues to wrestle with the many-headed beast known as Datatel, and I’ve recently received my Lifetime Membership card for the Spouses of Datatel Support Group. 😀 Just found out that Jeremy Grinnell was elected president of the Group – congrats! 😀

(Just kidding, Denise… please don’t hurt me…)

Worshiping – it’s nice to be back into the fall schedule at 1st Cov, and to see a pretty full Family Life Center yesterday morning. And it’s always an honor and joy to be part of the worship band there.

Creating – been working on learning a music program called Reason. It’s an amazing self-contained sequencer and software instrument, and I’m really enjoying using it. Working on a kicked-up version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D that is coming along nicely…

(So, to those who might be looking for some funky music for the Strowbridge-Hoekstra wedding in the not-too-distant-future, you might be interested in this… or not. 😀 )

Leaving – WHAT? Sorry… as in, leaving for the weekend. We’re headed to Newberry this weekend, to spend some time with Mom & Dad W., my AWESOMELY CUTE nieces, and to take Hannah to one of my favorite places on the planet… the Lake Of The Clouds. Should be some nice fall color to be seen, up on God’s front porch.

Riding – the trike project continues to limp along. Got a new seat on it, which makes it marginally rideable. Need to fix the seat bracket so it doesn’t creep backwards as I’m riding. Need to replace the shifters, which are nigh unto useless. Need to find a bike shop to put them on, since I’m pretty sure if I take the Blue Trike o’ Doom back to the fine folks at Freewheeler, they’ll start throwing stuff at us and chase us off their property… 🙂 And, we’re still researching a way to change the steering from the funky-fore-aft-useless system presently used.

But, I did ride it around campus a bit Friday. It has some serious potential… after we get the bugs worked out.

Enough. There’s enough OlsonInfo to make anybody bored. Have a Monday – I know I will.

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