Sneak Preview!!

If all this new-fangled technology works the way it’s supposed to, y’all will be able to hear a bit o’ the new CD on my MySpace page. (of course, since I’m the one who set it up, it’ll probably crash the whole eastern seaboard or something…) Anyway, cross your fingers and head over to:

The songs should appear within the next 24 hours, or so the folks at MySpace tell me. 😀 And hey – if you’re a MySpace person, consider adding me to your friends, and I’ll do the same.

Technology. Scary…


  1. I broke a long standing tradition of NEVER going to myspace, and couldn’t find them. 🙁

    We should get you on WordPress. You can attach mp3s to your posts, and suddenly your rss feed is a podcast.

  2. Cal says:

    The songs will play automatically from my page… when they’re finally “processed” and available. Kinda like waiting for paint to dry…

    I wasn’t pumped about being assimilated into MySpace, but it’s really becoming a huge thing for musicians, and they let you set the music so that folks can’t just download it. I’m there – but just for promotional purposes, not to make “new friends!” 😀

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