Outta here!!!

We’re packing like crazy around Das Olsonhaus these days – we’re headed off to Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp in Onekama (near Manistee) for Family Camp this week. 🙂 This is the week that many of the folks that attend our contemporary service go, so we decided to join the mass migration and get away for a week. Should be a great time!

No other packing on the horizion, tho… no action on selling my mom’s house, or the family farm. So, our dream of a new house is on hold for now. And, the Lord has let me know the reason why it’s not time yet, and I’m trying to learn the lesson quickly so that we can move on. One hint: Dave Ramsey is now my best friend… 🙂

No word on the trike, which was supposed to ship last week, but didn’t, then earlier this week, but didn’t, and maybe today, but might not. 🙁 If it doesn’t show up soon, we’ll organize a massive email campaign: “Free Cal’s Trike!” (or not…)

So, the infrequent nature of these posts will be even more scarce in the next week. Hopefully we’ll have lots of pictures and memories to share when we return. In the meantime, have a pleasant week, and huge thanks to Hannah for taking care of The Girls whilst we’re off in the north. YeeHaw – we’re goin’ to camp!!! 😀


  1. ooie32 says:

    nothing like outdoor living to fill your sinus cavities with joy, and your molars with gnats…

    and upon you, i bestow this blessing:

    may the joy and peace of christ be on you as you eat the crunchy marshmallows in your smores,

    and may the light of his face, shine on you, as you pick the gnats from your molars….

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