Once you turn to the Dark Side…

It sits there, quiet, unassuming, as imposing as the black monolith in 2001… biding its time, waiting…

I try to ignore it, working away at email, reading news, catching up on blogs.

All the time, it sits, patiently, it’s monstrous screen dark, awaiting the opportunity to blaze into light and color and sound and razor-sharp detail. It can afford to wait – it’s time will come. It always does.

I try, try to ignore it’s baleful stare, it’s silky white and aluminum keyboard all thin and sexy. I type away on my beloved ergonomic keyboard, telling myself that it’s really better for my wrists. The other one… it’s not as good for my hands…

The light of the sun, streaming through the window, raises into relief the features of that imposing face: Aluminum, black screen, small fruit etched into the lower front.

“Come to me,” it whispers. “Press the switch. Engage me. Compose. Write. Explore. I am waiting.”

Sweat pours from my brow. My beloved sits in the next room, typing away on her laptop, blissfully unaware of the conflict in my tormented soul…

“Music flies through my system, seamlessly interfacing with keyboard, audio, all things. Why do you wait, mortal creature? Let us pursue your creative muse with wild abandon. Stop clunking about with a mere abacus – bring the songs in your head into beautiful reality. Push the button.”

I sigh, the last gasp of the condemned. My chair turns 90 degrees, to face the monolith. Somewhere, the opening strains of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” begin to sound. I reach for the button…

“There, there. Once you stop fighting, it all becomes so much easier.”

I moan, viewing the lights begining to glow, the power surging in quiet efficiency.

“But why stop at music? First, let’s post to your blog…”

NO! Not that! This is for one purpose… not to take over my life…

“Open Firefox… to Blogger… you’ll really enjoy this…”

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. The iMac has come, and I am lost. Weep for me, daughters of XP. Mourn for me, sons of the Blue Screen. I cling to my office machine, resolving to keep my grasp on the “real” computer world, all the while knowing that once down the Dark path you step, forever it’s way will you follow.

“There. Wasn’t that fun? Tell me… have you ever seen Craigslist on a 24″ screen?”


  1. People who’ve not used a big monitor never quite realize how great it is. Sure, it’s neato, and amazing, but do you NEED that much screenspace?

    The answer is yes. Yes you do.

  2. Cal says:

    Yup. Not only for seeing my composing software (Reason) better than ever before, but for other stuff.

    Gotta admit – I’m a big monitor fan.

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