On the other side of a three gig day…

Yesterday was an example of why anybody who thinks that being self-employed is all about kickin’ back, working when you feel like it, and money will just flood in is pretty much crazy.

Gig #1 – played at a retirement home at 2:30. Nice people, good time. Started setting up at 1pm, finished playing at 3:20, car is loaded and I’m driving home at 4:30.

Gig #2 – music at Dillenbeck’s. Setup at 6pm, play from 7-8:45, packed and out the door by 9:10. Sold 1 CD. (and got a free mango smoothie that was amazing!!!)

Gig #3 – playing bass for Jeremy at The Break Room on Plainfield. Arrived at 9:23. Time to start playing: 9:30 for a 45 minute set. Jeremy had taken my stuff to the gig, so all I had to do was get out my bass, plug in, turn it on, tune, and we’re off. Torn down and out the door by 10:45.

Money made for this day’s work? Less than $80. Amount of joy getting to play at these different places? Priceless.

Amount of appreciation for Vicki, who sacrifices a lot so that I can continue to pursue creative things? Unmeasurable.

How tired am I, the day after? Very, especially since my brain decided that sleeping from 1am to 5:45am was all the sleep I needed, even though my body said, “are you NUTZZZ???” Ah well. I think Vicki and I are going to sleep in tomorrow.

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