Oi!! The Album cometh…

Unbelieveable. We’re actually at the “get the pictures for the artwork and start writing the copy to go with it for the little book” stage of the CD process. I’ve still got recording to do for about 3 songs, but we’re so close to finishing. The goal is to have the CD done, off for duplication, and back in our hands by October 28th. I’m playing at a photography exhibit of pictures from Ireland, and although it’s a freebie gig, they asked if I would have CDs to sell. So, the deadline is in place and we’re sprinting toward the finish.

We have begun working on the album cover, and I‘ve started writing the copy for the booklet. The legal part of the songs is pretty well set – there was only one song for the CD that wasn’t either public domain or one of mine, and I’ve received permission to use that song, so we’re all green on that front. 😀

Vicki and I didn’t realize until just a week or so ago that the album actually has a theme – I didn’t plan it that way, but Someone did. 😀 The album is about healing, and hope in the midst of darkness. Considering the events that caused me to have the time to complete the CD, it’s not surprizing that the process of healing in my own heart and life would be reflected in the content of the CD. (and, the CD is much MUCH closer to completion than the process in my heart is… but we’re getting there) Songs like I Will Arise, Lead Kindly Light, O The Deep Deep Love of Jesus and my friend John’s wonderful song, The Healing Starts Here all point toward God’s love, mercy, grace, and how He cares for us in all things and in all ways.

Anyway, the final sprint is on, and we’re working hard to finish this thing. The odd thing? I’ve actually got some material left over and am contemplating CD #2 – now THAT’S a scary thought… 😀

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