Not five in a row, but what a weekend!

Well, we didn’t make it to the park either Friday or Saturday, although if the weather allows, we’ll get in a walk Monday morning…

But we did have a great time at Festival! I haven’t been to Festival in years – not since I did some storytelling there years ago. But, since I couldn’t even think about walking that far, we stopped going. That changed Sunday afternoon. 🙂

We made it all the way up to food booth #1 (which I’d never done – always just hung around Calder Plaza), checked out some music at the City Stage, roamed the art tents on the Plaza, bought a set of beautiful drawings of the boardwalk and pier at Grand Haven, and sampled the holy grail of Festival food – Saigon Sate. Lovely pork (or some sort of meat – don’t ask any questions, just enjoy…) marinated, grilled, and served up on a skewer. Yummmmmmm!!!

We spent a couple of hours in the sunshine and heat, and just as I was locking up the car and walking up the front steps, the heavens opened and delivered up the thunderstorm we’d been warned about all afternoon. Felt sad for the folks still down at Festival who were probably running for cover, but also thanked the Lord for His graciousness – He gave us a lovely afternoon, and made sure that we were home and dry before the rain, rather than trying to slog through it in the wheelchair.

Lovely day, yummy food, and the company of my beloved Vicki. The kind of thing that brings refreshment to the spirit. 🙂 Really, isn’t that what our day of rest is for? 🙂 (runs quickly, before a debate about observing the Sabbath breaks out…)

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