Not bad for a Monday…

OK – for the rest of the normal world, today is Tuesday. I realize that… But in the weird Olson world, today is Monday. See, we work Tuesday through Saturday, so really, Monday is our Saturday.

Got it? 😀

Amazing time in Columbus. Vicki finally took the time to understand more about the GPS, which means that I now have some small comprehension of the thing too. 😀 Found our way into downtown Toledo (and the White Castle therein). Stayed in Toledo Saturday night, and went to Columbus Sunday.

Cirque was (as usual) wonderful! We didn’t realize how good our seats were until we arrived… and were seated 6 rows from the stage. We’ve never sat that close at a Cirque show, and it was incredible to see it from that perspective.

Only disappointment of the trip? Somehow, we ended up at The Waffle House of The Living Dead in Findlay OH. Sometime, I’ll go into a full discourse about it. Not now, tho.

So, off to face the work at hand. Should be a busy Monday. (or Tuesday… 😀 )


  1. ooie32 says:

    where did you stay downtown toledo? and the question begs ‘downtown toledo?!!! isn’t that like staying in scarytown, USA?!’

    [i can say that. i’m from toledo–well, really sacramento, but that’s a long story…..]

    gooooo mudhens!

  2. Cal says:

    Actually, we were off the expressway about 10-20 miles sw from downtown at the EconoLodge. Actually, one of the nicer EconoLodges I’ve ever been in – clean, well-kept, and good beds. 😀

    And, when we went White Castle hunting, we saw fireworks downtown… at the 5th/3rd ballpark where a game was just getting out.

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