Live shows AND THE NEW CD!!!!

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! 😀

First, the sad news… I’m not going to be playing in Hudsonville in December. 🙁 It’s my own fault – I didn’t get things in motion in time. So, apologies to all my Hudsonville peeps. Tell ya what – if you’re a Hudsonville fan, and take the time to drive to one of my shows in Grand Rapids, (or even the one in Holland for that matter…) we’ll give you a special price on the new CD. (not going to mention what it is, ’cause I haven’t talked it over with The Boss yet… 😀 But you know Vicki – she’ll make it worth your while…)

The good news is, there are 4 places where I WILL be playing this month…


Saturday, December 8th – Dillenbeck’s in Grand Rapids
If you’ve never been to Dilly B’s, you really should check it out. It’s a lovely place, and a great venue for music, conversation, and relaxation (and they make one of the best mango smoothies in the area!!!). This will be my first “official” release of the new CD, and it will be available for purchase at the show! (hopefully… :-D)

Friday, December 21st – Frenz in Rockford
This is one of my favorite places to play! Not to mention Christmastime in downtown Rockford is amazing! I’ll be at Frenz from 7 to 9pm and will be featuring the new CD so come and celebrate the holidays with us!!

When I’m not off toodling my little flutes, I have the privilege of being part of Jeremy Hoekstra’s band. This year, Jolly Jeremy and his sister, Cara(ling) are putting together a Christmas extravaganza that you won’t want to miss. Check Jeremy’s site for the details, and come out for the music, the prizes, and the fun!!!! (not to mention that Cara’s voice is worth driving any distance to come and hear!!!!!!)

I’ll also be playing some of the tunes from the new CD as part of the show!!!! 😀

Friday, December 14th, 8pm – Lemonjello’s in Holland

Saturday, December 15th, 7pm – Four Friends Coffeehouse in Grand Rapids

Finally, THE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!

Say hello to our brand new CD!!! “WhistleWonder: The Carols Of Christmas”
It should be in our hands this week, and we’re SO excited! Folks who heard it Sunday night at First Cov said they loved it, and since they put up with my music all the time, they should know!!! 12 songs, including well-known and not-so-well-known carols of Christmas with the sound of whistles, woodwinds and keyboard, all arranged and performed by yours truly. 😀 And, I’m joined by a special guest on three of the tracks – Greg George on drums.

How do you add this to your holiday music library? Well…
1) Grab one at a live show (ok – BUY one at a live show)
2) Church folks or CU folks can just let us know – Vicki will have some in her office at C’stone, and First Cov folks can get them delivered direct to your mailboxes at church.
3) Send us an email with your name and address, and we can mail it to you and bill you. We can also accept plastic in person or via PayPal.

HOW MUCH?? We’ve been thinking about that one… It cost us less to produce this one, so we’re going to pass that along…
WhistleWonder: The Carols Of Christmas – $10.00
By the way, if you haven’t had a chance to purchase the first CD, Angelica’s Waltz, here’s a great opportunity for you. Angelica’s Waltz sells for $15, but if you purchase it together with WhistleWonder, you can have both CDs for $20.00!!! And, additional copies of either one will be $10 each. Just let us know, and we’ll set you up!!

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