Life with a camera phone…

… is interesting. 😀 The one geek thing about my phone is how it lets me display a picture of someone who is calling me. So, Amanda calls – Amanda shows on the screen. Hannah calls – Hannah is on the screen. It’s a useless feature, at least until I get to the age where the little picture on the phone reminds me who that person is.

And, that day draws closer every day. 😀

Mobile AIM is also interesting, as is Mobile Web. The web thing came in handy last night at Hannah’s. Levi asked to learn how to play backgammon, so I volunteered to show him the basics, since that’s pretty much the level I play at. Thing is, Vicki and I both drew a blank as to how to set the board to start. We play Acey Deucey a lot (a great backgammon variation), but it starts with all pieces off of the board.

What to do? Grab phone, open Mobile Web, hit Google, and see a diagram of the setup for the board. Lovely. 🙂

As Paul Simon says in “The Boy In The Bubble,” These are the days of miracles and wonders.

There will be another posting soon about my weight issues. In the meantime, if you know me and the situation, please be praying. I’m up 20 pounds, and getting way too close to hitting 400 again. 🙁 Your prayers are appreciated, especially as it’s Sharathon week, and it will be a busy week with not a lot of time for healthy eating or exercise. Hopefully, I can make that a priority…

Thanks, friends. Godspeed in the week to come.

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  1. jenelle says:

    Another gadget, another great device to help pass the time in line, waiting in the doctor’s office, and most importantly, during the long drawn out staff meeting 🙂 just kidding, maybe.

    Still praying for success and satisfaction in your weight battle.

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