iThink, therefore iAm…

It’s no secret that I’ve become one of “those…” No, not one of “THOSE…” Sheesh…

I’m a converted Windows person, sucked into the maelstrom of the Mac. I’ve been Appled, and there’s no going back. I now look for the close window button on the left, I use the Apple key instead of control, and when switching windows, I press a focus button instead of ALT-TAB.


So, this one’s for my fellow MacHeads… Windows folks, you can depart the boat at this point. Exit is straight back, and to the left.

My friend Bill mentioned this to me Sunday, and I’m excited. Apple has released iLife ’09, resplendent with all sort of improvements and goodies. I’ve recently become a fan of iWork – actually like Pages better than Word. (*shudder* – sorry… loyalty spasm going off)

Here’s the payoff… If you purchase the Mac Boxed set from the Apple store, you get iLife ’09, iWork ’09 AND OS X Leopard ALL for $169!!! That’s like getting OS X FREE!!!

So, now I can use the latest editions of iLife and iWork, and upgrade my MacBook from Tiger to Leopard! WOW!!

As Vicki so truly put it, “you were born to be a Mac person…” Too true…

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  1. Angel says:

    paul wants to get a mac
    so remember all of his mac comments when he gets one
    he is doing it all under the cover of it would make programing his iphone easier….really its one big lie.

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