It has begun…

In a little while, I’ll begin toting my toys out to Husdonville for the Father-Daughter banquet. I always get a kick out of watching the dads and daughters on their big night out, which is why I decided to still play at this event, even tho I don’t belong to CU Radio anymore. (although, just for fun, I’m tempted to wear my nametag. I got this spiffy new name tag, and before I ever had a chance to wear it at an event, it all went down the biffy… Moral of the story – don’t let them give you a nametag. Or you’ll be next…)

I’m excited to play, including some of the tracks that will be on the CD. And, since there are always people who stop by and ask if my CD is out yet, I can finally say, it’ll be out this summer. (hopefully… if not, Vicki’s gonna fire me) Wonder if it’s apropriate to have a list where they can put down an email address so I can let them know when it’s done… I’ll have to ask Hannah. Don’t want to overstep my bounds…

Anyway, time to head ’em up and move ’em out. See some of you out there over the next two days. 😀

And, just to make it clear, CU Radio folks, I know you’ll see me, not know what to say, and may think of avoiding me, since I haven’t seen some of you since I was “dismissed,.” But please feel free to say HI and even give a hug or two. I may not work with you anymore, but I’ve known a lot of you for a very long time, and I think that should take precedence over something like a layoff. 😀

WooHoo! ROCK AND ROLL!!! Or not… 😀


  1. amelia says:

    I just wanted to say I’m so sorry about what happened with CU radio. I only know what I’ve read on your blog, but I know it was a passion for you and that it had to hurt badly. I enjoy reading, and hopefully you can upload some mp3s of your new cd for us to listen to at some point!

  2. jenelle says:

    I won’t be there either of the next two days cuz I worked set up. Wish I could hear stuff from the CD project though. Best wishes for a good gig and happy times with old friends.

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