Is it REALLY worth it???

Lovely vacation, off to Missouri and then to Tennessee. Caught up with family & friends, and listened to a really great book in the car.

Then the homecoming:

1)Our furnace is not working, but we knew that when we left. Came home to a COLD house.

2) Dog gate broken – very old, so no biggie there.

3) Dehumidifier broken, also already known.


4) Hot water heater failed, resulting in much water in basement and no hot water for a much-needed shower upon getting home. And it’s Saturday, so who the HECK do we call to get it fixed. And we now have a LOT of wet stuff to clean out of the basement. And hopefully we didn’t end up with a colony of mold to live with.

So, I ask you – was vacation worth it?… :-/


  1. Dan G. says:

    No one but you two can answer for sure…but I bet you had a good time seeing and doing what you wanted to for a little over a week.

    So, I would guess the answer is yes.

  2. Cal says:

    It is. It’s hard to see that when you get home and realize that Murphy was a guest in your house for the last couple of days, but still… vacation was good. 😀

  3. Andy Babes says:

    Worth it! Heck yes it was! It was great to see you guys, if I was up there I would help you clean the water up… That does stink. Maybe next time you come down you should stay for 2 weeks and the problems would fix themselves?? -Andy Babes

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