In Memorial…

Learned of the passing of a man whose name won’t mean very much to most of you. But, his name looms large in the world of whistles. Glenn Schultz passed away yesterday. He was a master whistlesmith, a poet, a fine player, and a generous man with his knowledge. He leaves a legacy of others whom he taught his craft to, and his instruments, which continue to sound his “voice” in the musical world. His Thin Weasel whistles are some of the finest wooden whistles in the world, and he brought that craftsmanship to a more affordable level with his PVC Water Weasels. Such an artist was he, that the “cheaper” whistles still bear the quality and rich sound of his wooden ones.

I’m privileged to play four of Glenn’s PVC whistles, including one of the few Ab whistles he made. (I suspect it was the first one as well, since he told me he had to do the calculations before he made it. 🙂 He was a great whistlesmith, and a great guy. His emails always made me smile.

Thanks for the music, Glenn – I’ll remember you when I play.

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