I Wonder Why I Wander


Nomadic career path.

That’s perhaps the most eloquent summary of my journey thus far.

It certainly beats the heck out of “Aimlessly searching for purpose,” “Futilely looking for something he’ll never find,” or “Has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up, and shows no signs of ever growing up.”

Yup – nomadic career path. Much nicer.

Nobody likes to live an unsettled life… At least, nobody I know.

Ok – there are those who really like change, new challenges, new situations, and new cars. Or obscenely tum-tum upsetting roller coasters like my neffypooh, who really has issues.

Not so much the Calbert. Especially the roller coasters.

We (Most of us, many of us, some of us, the old personages among us – of whom I am chief…) like things familiar, comfortable, and sort-of-predictable. At least, as predictable as life gets for we humanpersons…

Which is pretty unpredictable, actually.

Maybe we like the predictable because it give us some reassurance that when things are unpredictable, there’s some predictable to help calm down the unpredictable. Kind of like drinking milk after biting into some sort of mind-numbingly hot pepper, like the Ghost Pepper – reputedly the hottest pepper humanpersons can possibly endure, with a lot of agony. Or so I’ve heard – I wouldn’t go near one of those boogers with a ten foot… um… something that’s ten feet long.

Why someone would choose to consume something that turns your innards into a seething cauldron of pain remains a mystery I will never comprehend. *shudder* Yet one of my good friends chooses those incendiary culinary options on a regular basis. He bewilders me. I love him – but he bewilders me.

So predictable ain’t bad, except for those who thrive on unpredictable, spontaneous, roller coasters, and Ghost Peppers. The Master have mercy on your amped-up souls, cast iron digestion, and burned-out taste buds.


So – nomadic career path? Certainly something I wouldn’t have chosen. Not really one of my aspirations for my future. Not really on any list of anything I would have checked a big ol’ YES to.

And yet, my Father seems to take delight in making sure “predictable” isn’t really part of my daily existence. For certain things, yeah – He gives me a few. Daily Audio Bible? Yup – part of my day. Eating, sleeping, etc. Yup – got those covered.

Sense of purpose? Of calling or passion or direction? Not so much.

Career? Goals? Upwardly mobile status? Nope.

Interests? Hobbies? Which musical instrument to play? Which instruments to not play?


Nomadic is more how I roll.

“I see me rollin’, I hatin’…”

(Ok – hatin’ might be too strong of a term, even if it is a song quote. But “strongly dislikin'” or “finding moderately objectionable” don’t really flow. 

I didn’t choose the thug life – the thug life chose me.


And for the first time in my constantly wandering path, I may actually be close to somewhat of a revelation of a possibility of perhaps an understanding of why I wander…


I’m never supposed to look at the world the same way twice.


Yeah – that was my reaction too.

Let me put it this way – if you’ve read more than a couple of these meanderings known as The Whistler’s Wonderings, (also known as the Fluffy Goodness…) you’ll notice that I seem to have a unique view of the world, of faith, and of wonder.

There are other words one could use to describe it… like “skewed,” “whacked,” “semi-disturbing,” or even “weird.”

And no, I’m not offended by any of those. Truthfully, I think they all apply in some way or another.


Now, this may be a load of Calbert-flavored hooey… but in my slanted view of reality, (Oooh – “slanted.” That’s one I forgot…) this comes closer to helping me understand why I’m never allowed to “settle down” in one place than anything I’ve pondered my way through.

So here’s the deal – Those few, short-lived times when I’ve had a regular job, I tend to settle into a routine, a groove…

A rut. I’m like a little wind-up toy on a track – wind me up, let me go, and I’ll follow the track around, same direction, same steps, same same same.

A big ol’ honkin’ rut.

And I quickly lose sight of wonder, of beauty, of God’s hand moving so gracefully in everything that passes through my day. I forget just how much I’ve been blessed, the gifts I’ve been given in all their diversity and wonder (and strangeness…), and I start seeing the world the same way, every day, same ol’ same ol’…

And I’m not supposed to do that.

If the scenery never changes, I don’t look at life from different angles, seeing different views of God at work in so many ways. If I’m buried deep in a rut, I never look around to consider how this thing of faith continues to work as everyday life, with all its challenges, doubts, and struggles.

If I get settled in one place, I don’t see the wonder of God at work right here, right now. I lose the view of my Father’s gentle hand, nudging me in so many different ways.

And I forget how much He loves it when I make refrigerator art for Him. In fact, I sometimes get so deep in a rut that I don’t make art at all.

So, He keeps me moving, knowing all the while how uncomfortable it is.

He doesn’t let me put down roots, even though He knows how much I long for some little space that I can call “mine,” because He’d rather have me see all of creation as “His.”

He keeps me unsettled, continuing my nomadic path, because if I don’t wander, I lose sight of His wonder.

What He has given me is a purpose… a vision… a dream… (For the first time in my life, perhaps?)

I want to spend my time telling His stories, pointing to Him from all the different twists, turns, angles, and strange viewpoints that He leads me through.

I want to communicate His wonder, His mercy, His goodness, His grace… And show how He is so very active, so very involved in it all – right here, right now.

I have no idea what that vision will look like, or if it even is valid. I have no clue how it could become reality. I simply know that it is my passion – using all the diverse gifts that He’s given me, from that unique viewpoint He’s brought me to (“strange,” “slanted,” “unusual,” “weird…”), and with all the childlike delight and wonder He’s put in me.

I want to tell His story.

I want to share His wonder…

As I wander.

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