I wish I was as smart as our dog…

Ezri, for all of her anxiety issues, is a smart dog…

– she knows the Windows shutdown sound, which always makes her come around the desk to see what happens next.

– she knows the sound of my amp shutting down in the studio, and knows the difference between that and just shutting off a switch.

– she knows a lot of different words, even similar words like ball, bone, bar (another toy, not a command to go out drinking…) and bedtime. And, when she hears a word she knows, she responds correctly.

– she knows our routines… what we do at bedtime, what suppertime means, what we do when we say “wipe paws,” etc. She even knows when wiping paws (after coming from a muddy backyard) that I have to do all four paws. Just to test her, I did one front, another front, repeated the first one, then the two back. She knew when the last one was done, and was ready to go in.

– she thumps her tail louder and louder as I approach her, asking most definitely for a belly rub.

She understands her world. And, she responds appropriately. Not perfectly – not always, but usually. I know we humans are supposedly a smarter species, and that our world is much more complex than a dog’s world. Still, there are times when I wish my response to God was as instinctive as my dog’s response to me. Maybe if I listen as carefully as Ezri does, I can learn to hear my Master’s voice as clearly, and to respond. And, maybe by simplifying my world and taking away certain things, that’s what He’s trying to teach me. Get rid of some distractions – listen – and respond.

Time to go give my dog a belly rub. She’s earned it. 😀


  1. Cal says:

    Um… then you didn’t get the point of the subject… you really wouldn’t expect proper grammar from someone who wants to be as smart as his dog, would you?… 😀

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