How are you?

I’ve been getting that question a lot, ever since my last post. 😀 So, while I still can’t be specific about things, here’s a general update…

Things are still on uncertain ground, but for some reason I’m not as worried as I thought I’d be. Vicki’s had some nervousness, but that’s mostly because of finances. If I’d listened to Dave Ramsey a lot sooner, we’d be in better shape. But, we’re both remembering that the One who made the world is the One who said He has a plan. Since we can’t do anything but wait, we wait in Him.

So, is there anything positive? YUP! We’ve been making it almost every night to the weight room in the BHC, spending some lovely (or not) moments on a recumbent exercise bike, and making the rounds of the weight machines. Vicki is getting in about 30 minutes a night on the bike, and I’m slowly getting more time in also. Last night, I did 15 minutes without having to stop and rest my legs, and then got in another 10 before I hit the weights.

And, I have a gig coming up at Meijer Gardens with my good friend Roger MacNaughton, a fabulous pianist and all around great musician. They wanted something with a Celtic flavor, so Roger and I are going to do some things with piano and whistle – I’m pretty pumped about that!

We are getting better at dealing with my nightly issues of getting to sleep peacefully, learning that I need to be heading to bed sometime between 9pm and 10pm, to get settled in and give myself time to wind down before (hopefully) heading off to sleep. If we delay too long, it gets a lot harder to get me to bed, and harder to settle down to sleep.

One issue – I have a new mask to get used to. Vicki was noticing that I’ve been opening my mouth more lately, which for a CPAP user isn’t a good thing. So, we decided to go with what’s called a full face mask this time – it covers both my nose and mouth, so if my mouth opens, it’s not a problem. But, as always, getting used to a different mask is a very tough thing for me. We’ll see how we do into this next week…

So, both good and bad. Tough times mentally, things getting better physically, and learning to trust more every step of the way. Doing a lousy job of it sometimes, but I suppose as long as I continue to try, that’s the important thing.

How am I? A complicated question. The short answer? Hanging in there…

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