Hannah, what have you done?

Just typed one of those sentences that I never thought I’d ever type:

“Honey, we’re out of soy milk.”


And this is all Hannah’s fault. Totally. Without question. She stayed at our house to care for Ezri. Fine – excellent. And much appreciated. She brought a few grocery items for her use while here. Cool. Great. She had to leave suddenly…

And left the soy milk behind.

(ominous chords play in background, forshadowing danger)

Vicki tried the soy milk.

(music intensifies, building toward huge crescendo…)

And liked it.

(massive chord from orchestra, communicating point of no return hopelessness)

So, there we are.

“Honey, we’re out of soy milk.”

Oi vey.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Sam is also a big fan of the soy milk… Me personally, not quite so much, though it is probably more mental than anything else. Since I don’t remember from botany (and I could be wrong for I did not fare too well in that class) soy beans do not have mammary glands, they can not produce milk. It would be more correct to call it “bean juice”, or “bean slurry,” neither of which sounds appetizing to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I do branch out on the milk spectrum: Banana, strawberry, chocolate; I’ve even put the banana and strawberry milk on Frankenberry. Bean slurry just doesn’t cut it…

    Slim Jim

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