Goodbye, Grandpa…

Vicki’s Grandfather, Herschel Osborn, passed away Sunday night. He lived a long, full, Godly life, (he was 101 years old!) and he and Grandma were an example to us of how love and faithfulness endures in a marriage when the Lord is the center of your home.

He was the only Grandfather I knew – none on my side of the family were around enough for me to have memories of them. And my fondest memory of him was the night before our wedding when Grandpa, having made his living as a tailor, hemmed my pants.

Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into your rest.

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  1. jenelle says:

    Our prayers for you and Vicki and the rest of the family. May God grant you his comfort and peace – along with JOY in the knowledge of being reunited some day. Love and prayers…

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