Funny Fluffy Friday: The Interpretation of the Dream

I’m being plagued by a series odd dreams, but rather than summoning all the Wise Guys of the kingdom, and commanding them to tell me the dream and then the interpretation, I’ll just handle it all myself. That way, nobody gets hurt.

So, the dreams…
1) A friend is cutting my hair… Since Herself usually handles this (with a vacuum, a Flowbee, and a smile), this puzzled me. She told me that it was alright, and that my Beloved had asked her to do it, but it was still way, way weird.
2) A former co-worker from my retail gig has a chat with me at the end of a long walk through the store (in dream standard time), and in response to my comment that I really miss it and was thinking of re-applying, says “Dude, don’t bother – we’d never re-hire you. You just weren’t that good.”
Way too much truth in this one… can’t handle that in a weird dream.
3) A series of frustrations occurs when my present church puts on an outdoor concert… Right outside on the lawn of the township hall 300 miles away in my hometown. And two of my longtime friends from WCSG are part of the congregation, one running the sound and multimedia, one introducing the artist in a long, winding, nonsensical introduction. Then the artist comes up, starting to sing some weird song that she’d never sing even in the shower, and the power goes out…
Because the light in the bedroom (on a timer) just shut off. I awake to a dark room and a warm dog. And all is weird.
The interpretation of the dream? Simple – I should really get up when my alarm first goes off and the light first turns on… ’cause the dreams just get weird after that.

Amen. Word to yo writing on da wall.

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